A Doctor for Lady Denby

A Steamy Regency Era Romance

He thinks she's a bossy shrew. She thinks he's rude beyond measure. It's hate at first sight. 

England, 1823: Dr. Oliver Somersby is a man caught between two worlds, longing to be accepted--somewhere. The illegitimate son of a wealthy aristocrat and a Romani mother, he carries his shame in secret. Unwilling to commit to a relationship for fear of discovery, the high-and-mighty widow, Camilla Denby is the last person with whom he'd wish an attachment. If only she would stay out of his thoughts.

Years after losing her great love at Waterloo, Camilla is ready to risk her heart again. If only she could find a man who stirs her blood as passionately as her deceased husband. Certainly not that exasperatingly arrogant new doctor. But when she discovers he's the captivating man she met at the masquerade, she's forced to confront her feelings.

As they're continually thrown unwittingly into each other's paths, their protective masks are slowly discarded. And they each learn first impressions are often made in haste. But will Oliver's secret parentage be too great for Camilla to accept, and if discovered will it threaten his very life?

As they fight their way to each other, will they overcome their prejudices to find a lifetime of love?

A Doctor for Lady Denby is the exciting second book in The Hope Clinic Regency romance series. If you love brooding, but soft-hearted heroes and strong-willed, capable heroines, you'll love Trisha Messmer's enemies to lovers tale of destined souls.

Publisher: PAK Publishing
Cover Artists:

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