A Duke In The Rough

A Regency Era Romance

A Duke In The Rough
Part of the London Ladies' League series:

How does a newly minted duke escape title-seeking debutantes? Lie, of course!

Lady Honoria Bell never recovered from her broken heart. Fending off suitors her marquess father forces in her path, she’s put aside hopes of marriage. However, word of a house party hosted by the new, eligible Duke of Burwood brings a renewed gleam to her father’s eye. But regardless of the new duke’s appeal, Honoria knows he won’t fill the void Drake Merrick left.

If there’s one thing Drake Merrick knows, it’s that aristocratic women care more about a title than they do love. Losing the love of his life because he was a lowly groom proved it. So, when a twist of fate makes him the new Duke of Burwood, he’s determined to choose a bride who wants him—not his title.

Switching places with his man of business seems like the perfect plan to test the affections of eager debutantes. Until it backfires the moment Honoria arrives, and he realizes his heart will always be irrevocably hers.

But will his deception allow her to prove her love? Or will his lies destroy it?

Publisher: PAK Publishing

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  1. Penelope

    Loved it….can’t wait for every Rake…..

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