Every Rake Has A Silver Lining

A Regency Era Romance

Book Cover: Every Rake Has A Silver Lining
Part of the London Ladies' League series:

An irresitible rake. A strong-willed lady. Explosive consequences.

Simon Beckham has never met a woman who could resist his charms. A smile, a wink, a pretty compliment, and they’re tumbling into his bed willingly—except for one ice queen named Lady Charlotte Talbot. She’s the type who would demand love and marriage, and Simon can’t bear the thought of leaving behind a grieving widow.

Lady Charlotte Talbot does not suffer fools, particularly the buffoon Simon Beckham, with his handsome face and roguish grin. The man doesn’t have a serious bone in his all-too-tempting body. Even if she wanted to marry, which she most decidedly does not, Mr. Beckham is not marriage material.

When they’re both at their most vulnerable, the unthinkable happens and they find themselves linked together. For life?

Only time will tell.

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