Healing the Viscount’s Heart

A Regency Era Romance

A viscount whose life is governed by rules. A bluestocking who circumvents them. What will break first … his principles or her heart?

Laurence Townsend, Viscount Montgomery, enjoys his well-ordered, structured life. Yet he craves a love match like those of his closest friends. And after encountering a scientifically minded woman at a masquerade, his hope soars … if only he knew her identity.

Beatrix Marbry has two great loves: Laurence Townsend and science. When Bea is faced with an unwanted marriage proposal, her scheme to extract herself goes awry with unexpected consequences. Now everything she’s ever wanted is within her grasp … but for all the wrong reasons.

As the two grow closer, secrets and an impetuous wager could implode their budding relationship. Will their desire to protect each other from the truth bring these two awkward soulmates together or tear them apart?

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