The Baron’s Runaway Bride

A marriage neither wanted . . . but fate had other plans

Georgiana Sherwood will settle for nothing less than a love match. So when her wealthy barrister father announces she’ll be marrying a man she’s never met, she escapes in the middle of the night..

Returning home to England from his grand tour of Europe, Robert Barlowe receives disturbing news that his father, Baron Harcourt, is gravely ill. When Rob discovers he’s selected a bride for him, he reluctantly heads to Dorset to face his fate.

When Georgiana’s horse throws a shoe, a handsome stranger comes to her aid, offering to escort her safely to the nearest posting inn. Taken with the beautiful young woman traveling alone who only gives her first name, Rob is intrigued when she mentions she’s running away from an arranged marriage.

Attraction sparks between them, but can Rob give Georgiana what she wants the most--the right to choose her own destiny?

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