Redeeming Lord Nash

He's no one's hero . . . until he's hers

Lord Nash Talbot’s reputation as a rake keeps him free from the parson’s mousetrap, just the way he likes it. Until his marquess brother issues an ultimatum: find an aristocratic bride, or he’ll cut the purse strings. But Nash’s plan to escape his brother’s dictate unravels when an American bluestocking stumbles into his life.

Past mistakes have taught Adalyn Lovelace that trusting the wrong man results in devastating consequences. Yet, against the advice of friends to avoid Nash, she is inextricably drawn to him. And the vulnerability she senses beneath his carefully crafted façade resurrects passions that had previously been her undoing.

With each stolen encounter, they fall deeper in love. But the investment that will secure Nash’s financial freedom lies in England, and Adalyn has promised to return to Boston with her widowed father. As they struggle to find a solution and happiness is in reach, a past paramour of Nash’s could rip it all away.

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  1. Gloria

    Please notify me of purchase date for Redeeming Lord Nash.

    1. admin

      Hello Gloria.
      Thanks for your interest in Redeeming Lord Nash. I am in the process of writing it now. The best way to be notified is to follow me either on Amazon or on BookBub. Or you can sign up to my newsletter right here on my website if you wish. I’ve removed your email address from your comment to protect your privacy

  2. Claire

    I am also waiting for Redeeming Lord Nash. The series is great, thanks for writing it.

    1. admin

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying the series. The characters have become like old friends to me. Hopefully I’ll have Lord Nash’s story ready to go by spring 2023.

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