How Hot is Too Hot?

How Hot is Too Hot?

Romance, some like it hot, others not. When pictures such as those above are on a book cover, they typically indicate varying levels of “steam” or “heat” that can be found in the book from clean and wholesome to down and dirty.

It should come as no surprise that, in addition to writing, I read a lot of romance novels. Let’s face it, I love love. As a reader, I like to try all kinds of romance, contemporary, historical, paranormal, time travel, suspense, LGBT, and even an occasional erotica novel.

Obviously these different genres have varying heat levels. As a reader, sometimes I pick something to match my mood. However, as a writer, I want to write to my audience. I also want to make it clear what the reader will be getting when they purchase one of my books. 

Although I’m starting to write in different genres, I still want to provide my readers with an expectation of how “steamy” the book will be.

So, I would like your help. Let me know your preferences through the surveys below.

Feel free to use the Comments section to clarify your answers. Let’s discuss!

What about Historical Romance?

People think of different things when they think of “Historical” Romances. Some people prefer a clean and wholesome approach, think Georgette Heyer. Others prefer a little (or a lot) of heat added to the story, Julie Garwood comes to mind. So, readers, if you read Historical Romance, let me know in the survey below what you look for in your Historical Romance Reading?

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