Meet Tori, the three-legged cat

Tori looking adorable.

Last Thursday (May  4, 2023) I received a text from my son-in-law, Nic (the same Nic who graciously let me interview him about dyslexia). He said, “Serious question. Would you like a cat? This sweet little kitty showed up on our deck a few days ago and doesn’t seem to want to leave. It’s very sweet and only has three legs.”

So, yeah, my heart pinged hard. They put in notices on FB in different local lost pet groups and asked around the neighborhood, to no avail. They would keep it, but Nic’s allergic to cats.

We texted a bit (I have stairs at my place, and I wondered if it would be able to navigate those.) 

But what “got me” is this: Nic is a videographer, and there is a brand of tripod called Mannfrotto. So they’ve been calling the cat–wait for it . . . 


Yeah. Connectedness. If you’ve read any of my Hope Clinic books, you know there is a little orphan pickpocket named Manny. So I went over their house on Thursday night to meet “him.”

Well, “Manny” is actually a female. A little tortie, so sweet and cute. Probably about a year or less old. Not quite a kitten but not fully grown would be my guess. She gets around great. No problem with stairs (or even jumping up on my bed LOL). She is so affectionate and gentle. She’s litter trained and so well-behaved. She got along great with their dog Ash. Ran circles around Ash and even got in her way. No fear of dogs for this little girl. Ash returned the favor by drooling all over her. LOL

Nic took her to the vet to see if she is microchipped (she is not). We don’t know if she’s been spayed (yet). We have an appointment to take her back to the vet on May 12th for a full checkup. shots, microchipping, deworming, and schedule spaying (if she isn’t).

She’s underfed (which feeding her is probably one way I “won her over”), but otherwise she appears very healthy. The front desk person at the vet’s who checked for a microchip said it looks like her right hind leg was surgically removed–it’s a clean cut and healed. She moves pretty fast all things considered and likes to run around and between my feet! LOL She rarely leaves my side (which is okay by me). But when I’m writing (or trying to–lately I have cat on the brain), she makes herself comfy on the futon in my office.

I’ve decided not to keep calling her Manny, but instead I’ve been calling her Tori after Oliver’s daughter and Manny’s future love interest. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a male cat and he can be Manny.

For the moment, we’re looking at this as a foster situation in case someone comes forward to claim her. I’ve already become attached, so it will be hard, but like I said, I believe things happen for a reason. I think it was meant to be that she came into my life and heart. She’s safe, warm, and fed now. And getting lots of scritches and pets. And if someone does claim her, well, my visit to Petsmart to get supplies resulted in an investment that will necessitate having a cat one way or another. LOL