When choosing your reading material, please be mindful that the authors listed below do not represent an actual person. Choose to read at your own discretion.

Any Cobalt Fairy Book

Any Starfall Publications Book

Regal Quill Publications

Abby Ayles

Abigail Agar

Adamina Young

Alice Kirks

Alisa Adams

Ann Marie Scott

Aria Norton

Aurora Hanson

Ava MacAdams

Ava Winters

Barbara Bard

Beatrice Hill

Bridget Barton

Carol Colyer

Cassidy Hanton

Clarice Mayfield

Chloe Carley

Edith Byrd

Eleanor Keating

Eleanor Myers has since removed by Amazon for continuously contravening her TOS

Ella Edon

Eloise Madigan

Ember Pierce

Emily Honeyfield

Emma Linfield

Etta Foster

Evelyn Boyett

Fanny Finch

Fay Walsh

Fiona Faris

Florence Linnington

Freya Atwood

Grace Clemens

Hanna Hamilton

Hanna Harding has since removed by Amazon for continuously contravening her TOS

Harriet Caves

Hazel Linwood

Hedley J Huntt

Henrietta Harding

Kenna Kendrick

Leah Connolley

Lilah Rivers

Lisa Campell

Lorelei Brogan

Lorena Owen

Lucinda Nelson

Lucy Langdon

Lydia Kendall

Maddie Mackenna

Melynda Carlyle

Olivia Bennet

Patricia Haverton

Rita Wethers

Roselyn Francis

Sally Forbes

Scarlett Osborne

Shona Thompson

Sophia Fraser

Tiffany Baton

Violet Hamers

Vivian Brighton

Newer ones

Leaye Beason

Dorothy Sheldon (not to be confused with Deborah Sheldon who writes fantasy, science fiction adventure)

Maya Ross

Sally Vixen

Mayel Bardot

Amanda Seabrook

Amanda Stones

Daphne Byrne

Claire Devon

Tessa Bookman

The next ones were reported to me by readers:

Alianna Brookes (new one from Cobalt Fairy)

Victoria Maze

Loretta Levine (they’re getting sneakier folks. The author pic for this one is AI generated)

Mia Dunham (A new one from Regal Quill and another with an AI generated author pic)

Austin Grayson (another with an AI generated author pic through Regal Quill)

Meghan Sloan (same as above)enc